Sunday, September 18, 2016

[Y]anking myself out of my comfort zone

The title is pretty misleading because I thought I was out of my comfort zone but I somehow managed to find my way back...

Since I have started my new job, I only became busier, not only with the full-time 9-6 position but the other odd jobs that came to me by fate, by luck during the year. I had the opportunity to teach Chinese to Koreans; teach Korean to Malaysians; translate articles, books and reports from Chinese to English and vice versa, and even did a little Korean translation for the fun of it; transcribe which made me realise that I actually hate voice messages more that I thought I did (I will have another blog post about how voice messages irritates me); writing articles and posting them online to public; helping out in events and even manage to gain some experience in event organising and management, and many other odd jobs that takes up most of my time...

Being so filled with work will usually mean one thing... I would not have much time for other stuff.. Of course, my family would be my first priority and I do stay at home most of the time so that means my time with friends would be very much lesser than before... I am harder to date now, as some of my friends would comment... I am usually full during weekends and nobody wants to meet during weekdays knowing that they can't stay late and they would have to work tomorrow. It's not that I have no work, just, I am working everyday so weekdays, weekends actually made no difference and I prefer weekdays since it is crowd-less..

And so, with that I have also cut down on traveling, unless it's happening with the family.. Many would have question my decision on "missing out the world" and rather spend my money on commitments.. To be very honest, at the beginning after this decision was made, I felt green with envy every single time I see people posting the travel photos on social media, and it made my felt sulky and jealous which was actually really bad.. Then, after a while, after being able to get used to this coz people will just keep traveling, I have overcome the envy of seeing travel photos of others... I now  would just browse through and not feel anything since it is a fact that i could not afford traveling now.

And then.... here comes the comments from people who don't understand.. "traveling does not require a lot of money, you don't need to be a millionaire to travel", "you are losing out the chance of seeing the world", "traveling is my source of life, I really don't know how you could just stop traveling for years." and many more comments that look concerned but sound hurtful.. Yes, I am not going to travel for the time being unless it is with my family because I have reached the age where I prefer spending more time with family.. Why am i doing this? I have saving for commitments, I am not as blessed as some people who have an easy life without having to worry about monetary issues and being able to travel twice almost every year.. My life was once easy until it made a downturn and now I have to work on my own to get the old one back..

People would say that "life is short" YOLO, why would I spend my money on commitments rather than giving myself a chance to see the world.. Well, i was lucky enough to have been to several places during the past few years and I am really grateful of that luck but that luck ran out and I must accept the fact..

I would prefer not to depend on people when it comes to commitments.. even though it is for my family and not my personal commitments... I would prefer paying for the house my family is staying, getting all the furniture, being able to afford having my own place to stay and all my basic necessities..

If i could afford to support myself and my family one day without going hungry, that is my life goal.. and traveling comes after being able to afford things.. if that day every come, I would be so freaking proud of myself.. I just can't imagine my parents coming to me and suggest that I should discuss with my "husband" (provided if this person exists) to get a new house or anything that requires quite a sum of money that I would not have in the bank..
If that situation ever happen, (and the individual named husband exists) I hope I could tell my parents that "It's ok. I can afford."

Oh My Gawd... that would have been the coolest thing I have ever said in my life!! Being able to support not only myself but my family as well, without the help of the still-unsure-of-his-existance-husband

I really hope that one day.. just one day.. and i hope it could happen soon.. the day when I can tell my parents I can afford whatever they need.

Ooooh, can't help feeling proud just thinking of this..

Alright, time to dream
Signing off

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


It has been so hard to keep on posting blogs, I have resorted back to my old way of keeping my blog alive, which is through random quizzes and tags...

Your Color is Yellow
You are an energetic and cheerful person. You have a lot of psychological and physical strength.
People find you inspiring and rely on you when times are tough. You always have something to give.

You lift others' spirits and are a natural morale booster. You help others find happiness.
You are a good listener and a true friend. You lend clarity and strength to those around you.
Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes!

Yellow was never my favourite colour.. even when the yellow ranger from Mighty Morphine Power Rangers was Asian, I never fancied yellow... but it seems, yellow keeps following me when I do not have a choice.. I remember having to wear the yellow Physical Education (P.E) shirt when I was in primary school, then I switch school and STILL end up with yellow.. THEN, i graduated and started secondary school, and guess what?? I was still Yellow!! I really don't get it, people get to change the colours of the sport houses as they change schools but I was forced to stick with yellow.. I didn't have a choice to choose my sports house colour then... 

So,  I would avoid shirts and tops that are yellow coz they remind me of P.E. 
Besides, being a chinese who have yellow skin, wearing yellow will make me look like a banana.. 
And now, yellow is BACK as my fengshui colour.. sigh.. I guess this is fate..
Oh yellow~~

You Should Stay Away From Black
You are a compassionate and caring person. You are big on forgiveness.
You try not to get weighed down by the world's problems. You do your best to help, and that's all you can do.

The color black sometimes represents oppression and even hatred. You don't want anything to do with that.
There is also a cool meanness to black, and that goes against every fiber of your being.
Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes!

Some people have a cupboard full of black shirts.. so if this is their result, they might go crazy and burn their wardrobe.. oh well, black is like the universal colour that matches with everything... having to stay away from black might be a sign telling me to jump out from my comfort zone which I am very reluctant to do so...

Just a random post on a random day to just prevent my blog from going dead..

signing off~~

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

[X]OXO Procrastinator..

Sorry for the meaningless post previously, I thought I could come out with something entertaining but I didn't realise that my ideas do not have any tolerance to long waits... so as I dragged, the ideas kinda flew off and left me with an empty brain and a supposed-to-be-emotionally-entertaining blog post.. 

In that case, I could say that I really shoud take it easy on procrastinating... I guess it's just the fact of being purely lazy that stimulates my procrastination hormones and made the whole situation even worse... As you all might know or might not, I shall not assume things.. I have a permanent 9 to 6 job from Mondays to Fridays and alternate Saturdays, besides that I also have a handful of part time free lance stuff to earn some extra income. Being working full time on weekdays does affect the mood of doing more work when you reach home. Hence it became the best excuse for me to procrastinate when it come to my other jobs.. 

My freelancing jobs include, teaching, translating, writing articles, proofreading, transcribing and some other minor jobs that pays... you might say you can't procrastinate as a teacher.. when the time comes you have to go to class and teach.. oh well, i procrastinate preparing my teaching materials.. i usually prepare them the night before class.. and my classes are usually in the morning.. if it's an afternoon class, i guess i will only be preparing on that morning itself.. then my other jobs, all allows me to complete them at the comfort of my own home.. as long as i meet deadlines.. oh yes.. DEADLINES.. these materials are usually given with an ample time towards the deadline but due to me procrastinating, those deadlines always seem very demanding where i only have that limited period of time to complete.. 

So I shall say... although it's already March and I even procrastinated for my March post which is usually about my plans after turning a year older post-birthday and stuff.. I will never make it as a professional blogger.. so here i am, amusing myself with my blog posts.. blogging for self amusement...

However, as much as i always procrastinate.. i know i must get the job done.. even if it takes off hours from my sleep.. yea, i deserve that coz i should have started earlier..

I guess I should make this a new year resolution.. procrastination is in my genes.. so i guess my resolution will be to finish my work a day before deadline.. hopefully...

signing off..

Monday, March 14, 2016

Better to take a risk or do nothing?

I guess I have been fading of the blogsphere... Not for the longest time, i believe I have been away longer but just with no inspiration to blog or even open the url link of my blog... Usually I would have the urge of blogging but no specific topic came to mind, so in the end I would most probably be blabbing rubbish and things that make no sense all chained together into a blog spot just so you could catch a grasp of bits and pieces of my life here and there... And so, what made my urge of blogging came back??


I got this quote while playing with some of the quizzes that some friends on facebook shared... It was really surprising coz I am no risk-taker.. I prefer things to be planned and executed the way i pictured so that the result will be more or less how i predicted.. 

So, i guess this quote appeared hinting that I should change my perspective of things..

and then... I will continue on the next post..

Sorry for this..

signing off

Saturday, December 26, 2015

[W] for Wongfu

I can't believe I didn't blogged about this... Last Friday, I attended the best event ever.. after my birthday, of course.. the Everything Before Us Movie Tour by WongFu Productions..

Everything Before Us is a movie made by Wong Fu Productions 

The movie was not available in cinemas, so you could only stream it online... Then... they had a tour!!

And they had a stop in Malaysia!!! And.. It is super near me!!! So, how could I say no?? I purchased my tickets right after it was open for sale.. Yea, typical kiasu-ness..

So, in case you didn't know about the movie.. Here's the trailer..

And in case you need more.. I shall copy and paste the description of the movie..
In the near future, all romantic relationships are overseen by the D.E.I. – The Department Of Emotional Integrity. Much like a credit score is given to represent financial responsibility, a 'relationship score' is given to keep people accountable for their romantic activity and choices. The score is public for all to see and affects various aspects of daily life.
Ben and Sara, a former couple in their early 30s, must meet again to settle a conflicting score and reconcile the reasons their relationship fell apart. Seth and Haley decide to enter their first registered relationship together after just graduating high school. With bright eyes, innocent hearts, and a naive view of what love could be, they face a long distance relationship for the first time. The two couples face different but intersecting challenges in love amidst the DEI rules.
'Everything Before Us' is the first feature film from Wong Fu Productions.
Founded by Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang, Wong Fu Productions is primarily known for their YouTube channel where they create short films, sketches, music videos and vlogs for their amazing fanbase of supporters from around the world. Since starting in their dorm rooms 10 years ago, Wong Fu Productions has grown to over 2 million subscribers and over 300 million views.

They came to Malaysia to screen their movie.. I'm not really a fan of cinemas but it's a WongFu movie.. so i am a bigger fan of wongfu than I am not a fan of cinemas.. so wongfu won.. haha

While I was at the event.. I would certainly want to get my hands on the awkward animals but unfortunately  there was a limited number for the stocks they have brought over since they were touring Asia so I guess they had to limit the numbers per country so that everybody have a chance to get them.. I was eyeing the awkward fox and awkward giraffe.. Too bad the awkward fox was sold out when it was my turn.. we had to queue to buy.. But luckily there was one more awkward giraffe left and I got the last one!!! Yay!!

Here is how the awkward fox looks like..

Buying it online is too expensive as RM is dropping like rain.. So, i guess this will have to wait till next time..

Good thing I managed to get the awkward giraffe, that looks like this..

The picture on the website is cuter.. hahaha.. the neck is bendable.. so it might sometimes look like this..
Here am I with the giraffe

The event began with the screening of the movie and then a Q&A session..

Oh yes, there was a selfie session before the event.. which explains why I was late to queue for their merchandise and missed the awkward fox..

and to fulfill my inner wongfu fan girl.. I got the Wongfu lankyard too!
The picture in the website is nicer than the one i took of mine so i'll just use the picture from the website.. You may check out the website if you are interested..

Before I end, I would like to thank the extra guy in the selfie picture.. Thank you so much for accompanying me to the event.. Although I would usually go alone if there's no one with me but I really appreciate you coming with me and thanks for the giraffe and lankyard.. these are my best Christmas present of the year!! I know my interests are a bit different from my friends around me which explains why I usually have to go attend events and concerts alone.. I am glad that I have another person to be tagged along now.. Thanks!

And, that's all for now...
Signing off.. (I almost typed singing off.. haha)

Friday, December 25, 2015

[V]ery Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas peepoes, if there are still any..
I have seriously considered to switch to vlogging since it seems slightly easier than writing an essay about my life.. however when i considered the editing part, I guess it was not as easy as I thought.. I am already so reluctant to type, i don't think i would be any way different with editing video.. So, I thought.. back to the old blogging.. I still prefer writing but just I sometimes am lazy to type them out..

Still pending... My Korean study tour posts.. Will be up, I promise but i can't promise when..

Oh well, it is Christmas.. Although I don't really celebrate but I love the Christmas atmosphere around me... Shopping malls with Christmas theme has something I can't explain that warms the heart.. Christmas to my is usually about toys.. I remember the Home Alone movies that usually come out during Christmas always have its ending of unwrapping presents and a heap of toys.. especially Home Alone 2 where there was a toy store, a huge one in the centre of NYC.. It has been my dream to visit a toy store that big... but i guess nowadays kids are more drawn to ipads and computers games than to play with toys.. besides, toys nowadays are darn expensive..

In case you haven't seen the Christmas decoration in Mid Valley.. here you go..

Cuckoo clocks... so nostalgic.. I wonder if people still use these..

Teddy bears on top, soft fluffy teddy bears..

Alphabet blocks.. all the toys from my childhood... How can I not love this??

And of course... we had a gift exchange thingy in the office.. so here's what I have gotten :)

The pillow, teddy bear and snowman basket was from the company's gift exchange.. I actually got a music box but then a colleague came with the teddy, snowman and pillow and asked if I was keen to exchange... I couldn't say no to the teddy bear so I exchanged.. I didn't know what to do with a music box anyway.. so I am happy.. the panda thingy is from the department's "secret santa" who turns out to be my manager.. I don't really understand why they reveal the identity of the secret santa but oh well.. it is small but at least it is cute and it's a panda so I like it.. The bigger tube is a hand cream from of the managers in my department and the smaller crabtree hand cream is from my GM... Last but not least, the starbucks card on the teddy's lap is a gift from the company...

And that's all for my update..
Signing off..

Friday, June 26, 2015

[U]h, so you know...

If you happened to stumble upon the blog for the past 3 months and saw the latest post was dated 3 month ago... I'm sorry to disappoint you.. I thank you for putting the effort on clicking my blog link or typing my url or maybe chose my blog link as your search result...

The past 3 months has been busy... and this time I am not kidding or just trying to be busy... I work all 7 days!! Mon to Fri, my full time 9-6(technically... the door is sometimes quite reluctant to open for me to leave at 6pm) job which requires me to travel via train aka ktm that has improved a hell lot since when I first tried riding it but still pisses me off at times... Travelling from home to my workplace takes more than an hour.. approximately 75 minutes, provided I didn't miss any trains and no delay (5-10 minutes late is not considered a delay for ktm) so that's almost 3 hours travelling... thank god for smartphones!! or at least a handheld player that could keep my eyes busy with TVB dramas, k-dramas, The vampire diaries or Gossip Girl (yes, I am re-watching). Work is fun but it's a shame that logic doesn't work out.. anyway, let's not get into that... coz I am BEING WATCHED!!! Shhhh... prying eyes.. *nervous shifty eyes* (whispers) they are everywhere! but... if you really are interested for gossip or just to hear me rant.. leave a comment below and I will keep your ears hot... muahahahahaa

and then people will reply.. "still got weekends wad... saturday sunday"
weekends?? what weekends?? oo.. the days when I have to work till 1pm? My current company requires me to work on alternate saturdays so.. fml.. and since I am already working alternate weekends might as well fill it up.. so on those not-working Saturdays I help out as a teaching assistant at the language centre.. On Sundays, I will transform student-tutor tutor-student like how the hulk transforms when he is angry, i transform when someone asks a basic question that my teacher thinks that i MUST know the answer...
So, there goes my days.. I dont even have time for anything else omaigot...

I havent been updating since I started working... and just so you know.. this time.. I am a copywriter!!! for English and Malay!! Owh woah??!! you can scroll back up, you'll understand.. scroll right up to my blog header... saw it??

and then... when I logged into my blogger dashboard.. i saw this!!!

Oh yea.. since my job revolves around Malay too and half of my copy are written in Malay, this is just so... cliche.. I already have a separate blog which is in chinese that I forgot to include the link here for like the umpteenth time...
So, should I separate another blog and try blogging in malay??

Oh well, that's all for updates.. if you have been following, i am sure you are used to with me updating and blogging just for the sake of updating...

Signing off

Sunday, March 22, 2015

2014 Korea Study Tour -- TTMIK (Part 2)

Continued from the previous post...

I shall stray away from talking about classes from the start since I have only wrote about classes in my previous post.. Malaysians in kimchi-land... the main thing that we will be missing is.... nonetheless...

The food!!!!
and guess what, we actually had sambal and nasi lemak in kimchi-land!!! Thanks to our muslim friends who actually "imported" the rice and sambal over...

Yummy yummy yums... thousand apologies to the cafe staff... we brought outside food to a no-outside-food cafe and the staffs were kind enough to just ask us to enjoy our nasi lemak outside instead of kicking us out of the cafe altogether with our nasi, lemak and sambal.. A big thank you too!!! We will not do this again... We may be used to it but the smell of sambal might not be that tolerable to others... 미안해요....

And we did not have enough plates and utensils for so many of us so some of us have to use cups as plates and stirers as spoons.. and again.. I know we are not suppose to do this, so please don't try this at a no-outside-food-allowed cafe... Sorry again!!

This is the only day we had food from home.. during the rest of the days studying with TTMIK, our lunch will always have kimchi.. and sometimes (almost half of the times..) We will be spending our lunch at the convenience store nearby.. Too much ramyeon is not good for you but they have flavours that we couldn't find at home though... so... I'm still alive!!!

Alright.... back to classes... as mentioned we had 5 days of language classes and 2 days of outdoor culture activities where we get to explore and learn more about korean culture.. Here are some photos of the classroom...

There are 2 cute plushies at the back of the class... I just couldn't resist plushies...

And here's the front.. 

Hyunwoo seon seng nim taught us during the first 2 days of classes.. 

More photos of the classes ahead... because... i only have photos of Hyunwoo seon seng nim teaching... eeeksss...

He's a great teacher tho.. he even gave extra hours to teach students who were still new to korean...

The remaining 3 classes were taught by Kyunghwa seon seng nim.. but I didnt have any photos of her teaching in class, so just in case you're wondering.. here's how she look like..

Just ignore how awkward i was with the poses.. i just thought since she is posing i should maybe do something.. never actually expected everything came out as awkward.. oopss

She joined us during the first day to help Hyunwoo seon seng nim with a short quiz he was giving us..

Kyunghwa seon seng nim is as bubbly as you have seen her in the youtube videos of TTMIK... 
and just in case... you need to know.. here's a video of her "how do you say this in korean" series...

Her classes were lively and fun as she would sometimes unintentionally reveal the answer of the question and got shocked at her own mistake which was super cute... the teachers taught us a lot not only about korean language but the korean culture as well... 

these classes totally motivated me to wake up early in the morning even there are times when i only had around 4-5 hours of sleep, i still managed to wake myself up and head to class.. however, i think my sleepy eyes gave me away when KyungHwa seon seng nim suddenly asked if we were busy or did we have activities till late the day before because we looked tired.. I am not sure if i was the one whom she caught yawning or anything but i certainly did feel guilty... :P

There was another teacher during the trip.. Seokjin seon seng nim who also joined us during the first day for a brief introduction with Kyunghwa seon seng nim and helped out with the quiz..

He was with us during our guided culture tour around Seoul.. which I will blog about next time.. 

That's all for the classes part.. I have definitely learnt a lot and i think my korean listening skills has improved compared to the last time... 

Ah yes... I know they don't need much promoting but just in case...

I am not paid to promote anything but just... i thought it would be nice for more people to visit their website... 

One last photo before I stop typing....

Okay for now.. my next post will be about the culture activities during the study tour so stay tune till I grasp the mood to write.. hopefully that won't take too long..

Signing off...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2014 Korea Study Tour -- TTMIK (Part 1)

Hey there.. I wasn't really planning on having this post out so early.. although it's already super back-dated... but thanks to certain circumstances.. I have decided to put this on the top of my priority blog post list.. 

Here goes... I guess I have mentioned that I was going on another study tour to Korea last November... and yes.. I went to another one before I finished my travel post on my previous trip in 2012..

This round of posts will be different from how i usually write travel posts, iit will not be on day to day basis but by topics... for one, it will take too long for me to write and I will tend to procrastinate till I grow old and look nothing like how i was in the photos.. :P 

So, my first post will be on the main part of the whole trip.. the STUDY part... The study part of my 2014 November study tour is brought to you by Talk to me in Korean!! 

In case you didn't know or maybe you are not that into korean language.. Talk to me in Korean aka TTMIK is run by a bunch of Koreans who speaks superb English and many other languages as well, their mission is to teach korean language learners from all over the world the native way of reading, writing and speaking Korean... They even have a youtube channel of their lessons.. I have heard of this website about 2-3 years ago but then I just slighly browse through and watched some of their videos when I was checking out the website for the first time.. then after that... i kinda forgot about it until I was told that the next study tour that I signed up for will be collaborating with TTMIK... that's when I started to watch their videos and listen to their audio lessons on a more frequent basis...

Ok back to earth... we had 5 days of lesson throughout the week and 2 days of culture activities.. Our first 2 lessons were taught by the very famous Hyunwoo Sun from TTMIK.. he's super famous (if you know the website though... although the website is visited by people all around the world but there are still people who doesn't know so i can't assume) Anyway... in case you don't know... here's how he look like..

and if one is not enough.... here's another..

The lessons were really interesting.. Hyunwoo seon seng nim(선생님, means teacher in Korean) started off with the basics and quickly amended his lessons after realising most of us have been learning korean for more than a year and have passed the beginner stage.. See, professionalism.. 

We had our lessons in a cafe called You Are Here Cafe, owned by EatYourKimchi Studios and TTMIK themselves...

Here's how the exterior looks like

We had a room reserved for ourselves from 10am to 3pm.. That's the duration of our classes including a one hour lunch break in between..

Alright, I guess I typed enough words for this posts.. so.. behold, pictures!! 

-in the classroom-

That's me with a cronic case of dark eye circles... Not much difference from my panda avatar that has been posing on my behalf in several pictures...

I shall stop typing here... stay tune for more posts about other teachers.. our guided culture tours and experience with TTMIK..

Signing off...